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Languages: English, Turkish
Music styles: Pop, Jazz, Turkish Music

My teaching approach: Die Freude am Musik machen an die Schüler weiterzugeben ist meine Mission. Dass meine Schüler beginnen, von sich aus ausdrucksstark und mit Leidenschaft zu singen, ist mir dabei besonders wichtig. Beim Unterrichten fördere ich ich meine Schüler in allen Aspekten des Singens, von einer gesunden Vokaltechnik bis hin zur Entwicklung einer starken Musikalität.

About Cansu: It is my mission to spread the joy of making music to my students. It is particularly important to me that my students start to sing with expression and passion. When teaching I foster my students in all aspects of singing, from a healthy vocal technique towards the development of strong musicality.

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Languages: German, English, Dutch, French
Music styles: Jazz, Pop, Rock, Soul

My teaching approach: During her career as a vocalist Jacobien learned from influential artists like Bobby McFerrin, Jay Clayton and Theo Bleckman. She studied music at Europe’s most influential schools such as the RMC Copenhagen. Jacobien has recorded and published several albums and toured Europe as a bandleader and sidesinger. Her music won several music prizes and found critical acclaim in Europe’s press being reviewed in “Jazz thing” or the “FAZ”.

About Jacobien: I teach singing in the areas of Pop, Rock, Soul and Jazz. My voice lessons include development of the vocal chords, breathing technique, work on songs and pieces, expanding your repertoire and vocal improvisation. I also include elements of music theory and songwriting into my online voice coaching. We can tailor the focus points according to your interests and needs. I teach students all ages and levels since over 20 years.

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Languages: German, English
Music styles: Pop, Rock, Soul, Jazz

My teaching approach: In my online voice lessons you will discover the power and dynamic of your own voice. You will learn how to use your voice and be expressive. My voice coaching includes technical elements as well as working on songs and improvisation. If you plan to become a professional singer, if you prepare for a voice contest like The Voice or if you just want to learn how to sing, I will help you develop your voice.

About Mia: The music of singer Mia flows between modern Jazz, Groove and Soul. Mia has years of experience as a performer and studio musician in these fields and toured Europe and abroad with her own bands. The grantee of the Betty Carter Jazz Ahead in the USA has studied professionally at the Jazz Institute Berlin. As a vocal coach, Mia teaches voice lessons to students of all ages and levels.

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Languages: English, German, Danish
Music styles: Jazz, Brazilian music, Soul, Pop

My teaching approach: As a vocal teacher I enjoy to foster you using the music that you like and that motivates you. My online voice lessons include vocal techniques, improvisation and developing your musicality. I focus on elements that you want to get ahead and learn. This can be vocal technique, stage performance but also songwriting.

About Natalie: Natalie discovered her love to music at an early age and leaned how to play piano, guitar and bass bevor she started her professional career as a singer. Her vocal style combines elements of Brazilian music, Soul and Jazz. She toured Europe and Latin America with her own bands. Natalie completed her professional studies with singers like Greg Cohen, Judy Niemack and Peter Fessler.

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Learning how to sing is to develop your most personal instrument: Your voice! The fact is, every voice is different. That is why our singing lessons and our vocal coaching are always very personal. When learning to sing, the right technique is crucial. Therefore, voice training with a professional music teacher and vocal coach is important.

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At MyMusicSchool.com, you learn singing and get professional vocal coaching through live vocal lessons from professional music teachers. Our singing teachers are trained at the top music schools and have extensive concert experience. Together with you, we will focus on your musical goals, wishes and preferences so that you can sing your favorite songs even better! Whether you are preparing for an exam, the voice, a casting, a concert, your band, or simply for your own enjoyment: you will be able to improve your musical and technical skills with professional vocal coaching.

A good teacher-student relationship is important to learn how to sing effectively. In the first lesson, you will get to know your vocal teacher and find out if you fit together well . He / she discusses with you what you would like to sing and creates an individual learning plan for you. You will receive lessons based on your favorite songs and singing exercises, which are tailored to your level and your goals.

There are no limits to your musical style

Pop, Rock, Soul, RnB, Classical, Opera, Jazz, Hip Hop or another music style – our vocal coaches can teach you the songs of your favorite artists and their tricks. As a student at MyMusicSchool.com you get all teaching materials like sheet music, songs, recordings, and videos for free! With our backing tracks you have the impression to play with a live band, a pianist or an orchestra. They were produced in our music studios and sound much more realistic than for example karaoke. We also adjust them to your voice. Whether you are singing in a choir or a band or are a beginner and want to learn how to read notes: your personal vocal coach supports you.

Online live lessons whenever and wherever you like

Your singing lessons at MyMusicSchool.com take place online and wherever you want. This saves you time and money and allows you to spend your free time with music instead of commuting to a music school. For your voice lesson with your vocal coach, you only need a live video-chat software, such as Skype and a good internet connection.

You are also very flexible with regards to time. You can always take singing lessons when your music teacher is available. The online calendar is always up-to-date, so you can easily select your desired dates. Or you simply book a regular lesson like most of our students. So you have lessons every week and learn to sing effectively.

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