Live Online Music Lessons offers you private music lessons with music professionals, live and online.

Personal teacher feedback is key for effective music learning. Our teachers have graduated from name institutions worldwide. At you get access to them from any place in the world. Just pick a lesson date which suits you and your teacher will call you. This way you get personal feedback from professionals on a regular basis.

Our MusXperience® method was specifically developed for online-learning. Among many elements it includes a comprehensive catalogue of learning outcomes, constructive feedback and use of playback audio.

Teaching music is our passion!

What our students say

Margarete, Therapist - Saxophone

I want to refresh my saxophone skills and play my favorite songs. At I experience excellent teaching via internet, at times that suite me. They really tailor the lessons to my personal needs. I am very happy and can only recommend it!

Jackie, Student - Guitar, Piano / Keys

These online lessons are a really great concept and work well for me! I wouldn't have thought that music lessons could work out so well over the internet and that you can progress so quickly with a teacher that doesn't even sit next to you.

Thomas, Banker - Voice

Thanks a lot for the great lessons to my teacher Jacobien! I didn't think taking lessons with a real teacher would make such a big difference. It's much more fun than using apps or videos to learn.

With us learning music online is easy

  • Book onlineYour personal teacher calls you at your lesson time using video chat.We teach you using your preferred video chat software and ask for your address (for example Skype etc.).
  • Choose dateYour teacher demonstrates pieces and exercises for you and takes personal care of you.Using the webcam he can show you technical details from various perspectives and you are as close as if you were there.
  • Get lessonThen you play/sing and your teacher gives you feedback and improvement tipps.You receive your personal handouts, sheet music and sound files to make practice joyful and progress steady!

Our teaching

Professional music lessons – wherever and whenever you want

  • Individual Our teachers will adjust a thought-through teaching concept to your needs.
  • Structured Our diverse concept includes different styles of music, levels of difficulty, techniques etc.
  • Innovative We combine approved teaching methods with the newly developed ones and adjust them to the needs of the students of today.
  • Professional Our teachers are highly qualified and have studied and taught at world-famous music institutions.

Your advantages

  • Fun You only play pieces that you like. Making music is the priority.
  • Flexible You can make and change your lesson appointments yourself online.
  • Simple You learn only what you really need and your lessons are made to fit your current level.
  • Fast Results Your musical experience is at the core of our concept – the way our material is arranged, it sounds good right away.