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Languages: German, English
Music styles: Rock, Pop, Blues, Indie, Classical

My teaching approach: You, the student, are the focal point of my online guitar lessons. I find the optimal teaching strategy for you and tailor my online guitar teaching towards your favourite music styles, be it rock, pop, blues, jazz or classical. While teaching you the guitar essentials I am flexible towards your musical experiences and preferences, be it playing over chord charts or accompanying songs. Each lesson is a new step to challenge and foster and will enable you to have fun and to stay motivated.

About Daniil: Following his passion for the guitar and studying it professionally lead guitarist Daniil from the Kiew conservatory, where he studied as a young protege, to the conservatory in Graz and to the jazz institute Berlin. As a sideman and leader he works as a professional musician within the jazz and contemporary music scene in Berlin. Daniil develops a repertoire of original songs as a performer and recording artists. As a teacher Daniil has long experience in teaching all age groups and levels.

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Languages: English, Chinese
Music styles: Rock, Pop, Indie, electro-acoustic, improvisation

My teaching approach: My online guitar lessons focus on rock, pop, Indie and Blues but can also include elements of improvised and contemporary music. Through these styles I teach elements like guitar tabs, chords, notes, scales and right and left hand techniques. I regard giving online guitar lessons as a mutual learning process between teacher and student. I am flexible to teach acoustic guitar and electric guitar and cater towards your needs and goals in learning guitar.

About Eric: Eric is an expert in electro-acoutsic and improvised music but also plays rock, pop and blues. His artistic collaborates span musicians as well as contemporary artists. His career lead him throughout Europe, Asia and the US. Eric lives in Berlin, has years of experience in online guitar lessons and teachers via Internet throughout three continents.

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Languages: Englisch, Russian
Music styles: Rock, Punk, Pop, Jazz

My teaching approach: My online guitar lessons provide you with skills that you can use in any style! I teach electric guitar as well as acoustic guitar and you will learn strumming, guitar tabs, music notes, guitar scales and chords with your favourite songs. I am stylistically flexible and open. I find open and honest feedback important for effective guitar lessons - and only personal interaction will provide this, not a video tutorial. This way you will quickly make progress.

About Igor: Igor is a passionate professional guitarist who governs a multitude of styles from Rock, Punk, Pop to Jazz on his instrument. As all our teachers he studies professionally and has an extensive performance practice touring across Europe to play performances and in studios. He teachers electrical guitar and acoustical guitar since years and is a favourite teacher for amateurs as well as professionals. Some of his students have started their own professional careers.

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Languages: German, English
Music styles: Jazz, Pop, Rock, Alternative

My teaching approach: My teaching style is very song-oriented so we work on real music instead of dry exercises. Besides teaching the rudiments of playing the guitar and music basics in general, it’s very important for me to attend to your individual wishes and ideas. During our lessons, we will focus on the material creatively. No matter on what level you are, I’d like to encourage you to improvise and be creative.

About Luca: Since my childhood I play in different bands and earned experiences in different styles, such as Rock, Pop, Jazz and Electronic Music. After studying music in Switzerland I moved to Berlin. I’m working on my own projects and play concerts all around Europe. Besides being a freelance musician, I’ve been always teaching the guitar, music theory and ear training.

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Learning how to play the guitar is learning to play an instrument that can be used in many different styles of music! Be it acoustic or electric guitar, you can develop your skills with a professional guitar teacher much faster.

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At, you learn how to play the guitar through live guitar lessons from professional music teachers. Our guitar teachers are trained at the top music universities and have extensive concert experience. Together with you we will focus on your musical goals, wishes and preferences so that you can play your favorite songs even better! You will receive a training covering everything including the basics like learning how to play chords, scales and enjoy developing in the style of your choice with your personalized online guitar lessons.
A good teacher-student relationship is important to learn guitar playing effectively. In the first lesson, you will get to know your guitar teacher and find out if you fit together well. He / she will discuss with you what you would like to play and create an individual learning plan for you. You will receive lessons based on your favorite songs and guitar exercises, which are specially tailored to your level and your goals.

There are no limits to your style!

Pop, Rock,  Heavy Metal, Soul, RnB, Classical, Jazz, Hip Hop, Country or another music style – our guitar teachers can teach you the songs of your favorite artists and their tricks. As a student at you get all teaching materials like guitar chords charts, music notes, songs, recordings and videos for free! With our backing tracks you have the impression to play with a live band, a pianist or even an orchestra.

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Your guitar lessons at take place online and wherever you want. This saves time and money and allows you to spend your free time with music instead of commuting to a music school. For your guitar lessons, you only need a live Videochat software, such as Skype, a good internet connection, and an instrument.

You are also very flexible with regards to time. You can always take guitar lessons when your music teacher is available. The online calendar is always up-to-date, so you can easily select your desired dates. Or you simply book a regular lesson like most of our students. So you have lessons every week and can learn to play the guitar effectively.

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