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Learning how to play the guitar is learning to play an instrument that can be used in many styles of music! Be it acoustic or electric guitar, you can develop your skills with a professional guitar teacher much faster in our live online guitar lessons.

Try it now! Register for free to get your introductory lesson. Meet one of our professional guitar teachers online. Together you will

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Our guitar teachers

We want to develop your guitar skills optimally. We have the right teacher for you. Here are a few guitar professionals from our team.


Following his passion for the guitar and studying it professionally lead guitarist Daniil from the Kiew conservatory, where he studied as a young protege, to the conservatory in Graz and to the jazz institute Berlin. As a sideman and leader he works as a professional musician within the jazz and…


Since my childhood I play in different bands and earned experiences in different styles, such as Rock, Pop, Jazz and Electronic Music. After studying music in Switzerland I moved to Berlin. I’m working on my own projects and play concerts all around Europe. Besides being a freelance musician, I’ve been…
Online guitar lessons

Your private online
guitar lessons


At, you learn how to play the guitar through live guitar lessons from professional music teachers. Our guitar teachers are trained at the top music universities and have extensive concert experience. Together with you, we will focus on your musical goals, wishes and preferences so that you can play your favorite songs even better!

A good teacher-student relationship is important to learn guitar playing effectively. In the first lesson, you will get to know your guitar teacher and find out if you fit together well. He / she will discuss with you what you would like to play and create an individual learning plan for you. You will receive lessons based on your favorite songs and guitar exercises, which are specially tailored to your level and your goals.

Your online music lessons at

All kind of music styles

Pop, Rock, Soul, RnB, Classical, Jazz, Hip Hop or another music style – our music coaches can teach you the songs of your favourite artists and their tricks

Free material

As a student at you get all the teaching material like music notes, chord charts, tutorials on multiple subjects, songs, recordings and videos for free!

Flexible schedule

You are also very flexible with regards to time. You can always take music lessons when your music teacher is available.

Available backing tracks

With our backing tracks you have the impression to play with a live band or even an orchestra.

Simple booking process

The online calendar is always up-to-date, so you can easily select your desired dates. Or you simply book a regular lesson like most of our students. So you have lessons every week to practice your instrument effectively.

Personal introductory talk

Please contact us so that we can get to know each other in a personal and free introductory talk with us and find the best way for you to learn your instrument. We look forward to making music with you!