At MyMusicSchool.com you learn music individually, simply and flexibly. Use our online lessons to easily and conveniently take lessons whenever and wherever you want. All you need is internet access, a laptop or smartphone and your instrument. This saves you unnecessary travel, stress and money.


For our singing, songwriting or music theory lessons, you do not need any instrument. For the other instruments, we recommend getting a ready-to-play instrument before your first lesson. If you don’t have an instrument yet, we will gladly look together for a fitting instrument to buy or rent. Just send us a message!

Music lessons

Our classes take place online, and whenever and wherever you want. The only thing you need is a web-enabled device with webcam, a stable Internet connection and your instrument (see system requirements). Your teacher will then contact you at the agreed time for your personal lesson!

The pieces you want to play! We have an extensive repertoire of different styles from rock, pop, jazz, classical to hip hop and rap in different degrees of difficulty. And we are continually expanding it based on your ideas so you can play the pieces that are most fun for you.

Our repertoire includes different styles from Pop, Rock and Jazz to Classical. Even beyond that no borders are set and we are taking care that our concept is flexible for your desires and suggestions.

One teaching unit is 30 minutes. You can also combine multiple sessions if you would like to have longer lessons. Are you interested in different lesson durations? Just write us a message.


MusXperience is our unique concept for online music lessons. We at MyMusicSchool.com have developed the MusXperience concept together with our professional musicians. This is a unique and protected learning method for online lessons. It is aimed in particular at young people and adults and their needs and can also be implemented with a full timetable.

Online music learning with us

MyMusicSchool.com offers you the possibility to learn music in a flexible, simple and individual way. Through our online lessons you can schedule them wherever and whenever you want. You only need internet access, a webcam, and your instrument. You take lessons in the comfort of your home free of stress and save money on unnecessary trips. Furthermore, with MusXperience we have developed a unique concept for online music lessons that can be fitted to your individual wishes and needs.

Classes take place online via video chat with personal professional music teacher. To book, simply select your instrument, your desired teacher and a suitable date. If you are taking online lessons for the first time at MyMusicSchool.com, we recommend our free introductory call. There we discuss your goals, wishes and expectations with you and answer all the questions you have about our lessons.

We currently offer online lessons in singing, piano, guitar, bass, saxophone, trombone, songwriting and music theory. In addition, we can offer you lessons in many other instruments of your choice. Simply contact us via the website or via info@mymusicschool.com

Our teachers

In our free introductory talk, we will find the right teacher based on your knowledge, your interests and wishes. You can also choose your own teacher. For us, a good relationship between you and your teacher is a very important element for your musical experience and your learning success. Therefore, we attach great importance to your feedback in order to ensure quality and satisfaction. If you have any questions about your lessons, or would like to change your teacher, we will be at your disposal.

With our flexible teaching concept you could have another teacher for each of your lessons if you wish to. Yet we believe that a long-term student-teacher relationship is an important component for your learning success. We will be happy to conduct an introductory talk with you for your skill assessment and to find the best possible match. Just write us a message. If you do get to change to a different teacher, our modular teaching concept will ensure that the transition is as smooth as possible.

Our team and teachers are all professional musicians and music teachers with an education at the world’s best music colleges. They also go through our selection process and a training course to provide you with the best possible teaching experience. We also continually develop our teaching and learning method, your feedback is an important part. The quality is ensured by our worldwide network of music academies and musicians.

Pricing and payment

The current prices for our online music lessons can be found at “Prices”.

We want to share the joy of making music with you and offer you best music lessons. This is why we work together only with professional teachers that have extensive teaching and performing experience. The prices are set in a way that we can offer you a competitive price, while paying a fair price to our teachers and continue developing your teaching materials (e.g., scores and playalongs).

In order to make the booking process as easy as possible for you, we accept all common payment methods (credit card, direct debit (EU only), Paypal). Please contact us, if you would like to use other types of payment.

Scheduling a lesson

To book an online music session, select your instrument and click on “book now”. In the calendar, you can specify your desired date or book several appointments at once. After the payment, you will receive a booking overview and will receive a confirmation email with all dates of your appointments. First time here? Please book an introductory call, you can find the link on our home page.

Our booking process allows you to schedule multiple dates and times in one order. For your convenience, you can also select recurring, e.g. weekly or monthly appointments with up to 10 repetitions. After you have booked and paid for your appointments you will get a booking overview and a confirmation email with all the appointments sent to your email address.

Teachers and students can change the appointment up until 24 hours before its start and reschedule the lesson to another date. Additionally, you can cancel your booking altogether for free within 14 days after the booking date, if the lesson didn’t happen yet. Please refer to our cancellation policy for more details.

System requirements

You will need a web-enabled PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone with a webcam, microphone and a standard videoconferencing software (Zoom) or a web browser (e.g., Google Chrome). You also need a fast and stable internet connection (recommended minimum 1Mbit/s downstream, 512kbp/s upstream). You can reach out to us with questions about your system configuration or to test the requirements at any time.

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