Ever get bored of playing with metronome? Maybe you're just not doing it right. This is how you can make it fun and effective.

It's not necessary to always have an instrument in front of you to learn about music. Here are some things you can learn just by listening to your favorite songs.

When you take the step from practicing alone to playing with others you soon realize that it's a different game. This article discusses 5 skills essential for making music together.

Your favorite music is a valuable source for learning if you know what to listen for and how to practice. This article will tell you how to get started with learning from recordings.




Jo has years of experience in performing internationally and has played original composition on stages like Carnegie Hall in New York. He won several prizes and performed with jazz legends like Dave Liebman and leads groups under his name. Jo has taught piano lessons from beginners to professionals of all ages since many years.

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