Yes! It’s not only possible, but also an important practice for your development as a musician. This article focuses on clearing the process of learning by ears, especially for harmony, into easy steps for you! Ears are a musician’s most important tool but depending only on them during the learning process might sound like a […]

When you start taking music lessons and learn an instrument you might find yourself developing a new type of tension that you didn’t encounter before: making mistakes in your music, especially during a performance. This article focuses on treating mistakes in a certain manner so that you can use them for your benefit!   If […]

If you’re curious about it and wonder what it would be like to take some, this article might clear it up for you. Online communication is our reality and an increasing number of education offerings are provided though the web. Music education is no exception to this phenomena. I think that challenge in online music […]

Why does warming up matter to us? Discover the benefits of having a warm-up session before practicing. Just like stretching before doing physical exercises, warming up before musical practices can be seen as a boring phase to go through. However it has some advantages (some of them being pretty crucial) that should not be ignored! […]

It’s not necessary to always have an instrument in front of you to learn about music. Here are some things you can learn just by listening to your favorite songs.   1. Melody The most obvious thing to listen for in a song is its melody. And the first step to learn how to play […]

What’s the best rhythm for taking music lessons for you? This article will try to help you understand how you can design a good pace for taking music lessons by understanding your own nature   Understanding and Discovering Your Own Habits About Learning Everybody has a different speed in learning and this is a phenomenon […]

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